Ella Fuchs x Hans Bilger x Liesl – Colours Fading

“The authors have a real talent synthesis of sound and the ability to choose the appropriate tools, tones and shades corresponding to each other. If you ever dreamed of getting acquainted with the genome of Indie Folk, then this composition is a great opportunity! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“У авторов настоящий талант синтеза звука и способность подобрать соответствующие друг другу инструменты, тона и оттенки. Если вы когда-либо мечтали познакомиться с жанром Indie Folk, то эта композиция прекрасная возможность!”


“Colours Fading” was born during the first wave of the pandemic. Trying to simply cover up that these changes might be permanent, avoiding to see the truth leads to finally accepting, that things are changing and so are we. So what can we actually do to create life the way we desire? The question lead to the powerful lyrics by the strong voacals accompanied with a dynamic guitar play and supportive double bass. The piano starting subtly, almost shy, reaching it’s peak towards the end while the drums underline the urgency during the chords. The song comes with a video that was filmed in partly in a aquarium, catching beautiful colours and discovering the majesty of the sea creatures.

Video by David Marnuse (linktr.ee/marnuse)


Written and Composed: Ella Fuchs (linktr.ee/EllaFuchs)

Produced by Matan Goldstein (mgoldmusic.de/)

Mix and Mastering: José María Tornay Rasero (www.facebook.com/wavenationst…)

Vocals and Guitar: Ella Fuchs

Drums: Matan Goldstein

Piano: Liesl (linktr.ee/lieslmusic)

Double bass: Hans Bilger (www.hansbilger.com/)

Recorded by Matan Goldstein at Riverside Studios Berlin (riversidestudios.de/)

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 23, 2022