Gustav Hoyer, Peter Pejtsik, The Budapest Film Orchestra – Terra, the Bringer of Life (Spotify)

“-Terra, the Bringer of Life- is an excellent opportunity to plunge into the world of classical music in its true demonstration. The vast and varied compositional heritage of the XVIII century, where you can listen the orchestral concert performed by the virtuosos -Gustav Hoyer-, -Peter Pejtsik- and -The Budapest Film Orchestra-.”

“-Terra, the Bringer of Life- это отличная возможность окунуться в мир классической музыки в её истинном проявлении. Огромное и разнообразное композиторское наследие XVIII века, в котором вы сможете услышать виртуозный оркестровый концерт в исполнении -Gustav Hoyer-, -Peter Pejtsik- и -The Budapest Film Orchestra-.”

Standing at 7 minutes and 40 seconds, "Terra, The Bringer of Life" implements fervent violins and chimes to invoke the feeling of natural beauty on earth and the cycle of life, and mimic the musical elements of mother nature such as; flowing water, sprouting seeds, and flying birds. We are then given a quick glimpse of earth from the heavens with a beautiful melodic harp and flute section about one minute into the piece, which complements the overarching tone seamlessly.

The piece, though classical, is modern and relevant, which is not surprising given Gustav Hoyer's reputation as a prolific composer who is dedicated to giving "people a chance to experience this great art form in untraditional ways". He does this in multiple ways, and has recently been focusing on creating a virtual reality software that would allow a listener to not only watch a visualizer, but experience and immerse themselves into the music like never before. Though the VR platform isn't ready yet, you can still immerse yourself in the musical richness that is classical music through the new episodes of Gustav's podcast "Anachromism", were he focuses on slowing down and actively listening to music to get the best experience possible.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 23, 2021