The Lovepools – White Lies & Palm Trees (Video)

“Take your eyes off the phone and look around with a clean gaze. Do not forget who we are inside. There is a lot of deception around, and this is not a reason to become part of the whole world. We are unique, we are intelligent, we can become brilliant!”

“Уберите взгляд от телефона и с чистым взглядом посмотрите по сторонам. Не стоит забывать кто мы внутри. Вокруг много обмана, и это не повод стать частью целого мира. Мы уникальны, мы разумны, мы можем стать гениальны!”

The group starts their track, “White Lies & Palm Trees” with singer, Anthony Shea’s mournful voice singing over his quiet acoustic guitar. Like a head-on collision, the song and video simultaneously explode into synth-pop sounds and visuals filling one with a similar nostalgia of playing on their first Super Nintendo.

With a cinematic visual style comparable to “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World”, the singer wakes from an obvious hangover and leads the viewer down a rabbit hole of temptations: masked girls, drug deals, bags of money and unsigned record contracts.

Directed by psychedelic visionary Javier Burgos, partnered with visual artist Matthew Lyon, under their company, Apeship Entertainment, “White Lies & Palm Trees” features a past, present and future of The Lovepools story told through a parallel universe of the band acting and performing in live action while fighting as their respective 8-bit characters in retro arcade gameplay down Hollywood Blvd. The video was edited by Ken Koller who is known for his editing work with Nicki Minaj, Asher Roth and Patrick Stump.

The Lovepools previous single, “See You In The Funny Papers” was featured on the Season 9 premiere of Showtime’s “Shameless”. Most groups would have followed up a “Shameless” placement with a rock single of a similar nature. The Lovepools however, are no one-trick pony. Instead, they choose to ride gleefully on a horse with no name.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 6, 2020